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Here's what my Watermelon members have to say about my live, on line and on demand classes!


"Thanks for making our Zumba classes so enjoyable.

Since starting your classes nearly 2 years ago, I've lost 4 stone and that, I put down to enjoying exercise through your class!"



"Lotty is more than just a Zumba Instructor.......She's an energetic bundle of fun!

Her classes are light-hearted, but a seriously good workout.

You cannot beat an hour spent in Lotty's Company!

5 stars, 2 thumbs up, most highly recommended!"


Helen Robinson

Fitsteps Durham


"I have attended Lotty's classes for the last 5 years. She makes exercising fun without it being a chore.

Lotty has helped me lose 6 stone in weight!"


Sylvia Rotchell


"I would like to say just how much I have enjoyed Lotty's Classes. She is always brimming with energy and enthusiasm and her smiling face must be infectious because I am sure I'm grinning away through the whole session!"


Laura Bagley


"Honestly the best fun I've ever had exercising! Your enthusiasm is infectious."


Fitsteps Durham
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