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Zumba Durham

Lotty Dall


Hi I'm Charlotte, better known as "Lotty" by everyone!


I'm a trained dancer who has been lucky enough to work all over the world for 12 years in some amazing shows!


Since retiring I naturally progressed to teaching and gained my Level 2 ETM qualification. Dance is my passion, so when I came across Zumba Fitness, Fitsteps & Broadway Boogie I just couldn't wait to get involved!


I have been teaching Zumba since 2010 and Fitsteps since it's launch in 2013. I love to keep things fresh and i'm always looking to add new things to my timetable. PiYo and Pound have been fantastic additions. I simply can't get enough of them!


I really enjoy giving people the chance to find out how exciting and invigorating dance and exercise can be. Staying fit and healthy really can be fun!


So come along and join me, I can't wait to meet you!

Fitsteps Durham

Why the name ‘Watermelon Dance Studio’?



Why not? The main reason for ‘Watermelon’ is due to my favourite (very cheesy) childhood movie Dirty Dancing.


There is a very famous and funny quote where the main character ‘Baby’ says the line “I carried a watermelon”. It has become something of a phenomenon, along with other such quotes as “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” and “Butt out Baby”.


So, there you go…now you know why it is Watermelon Dance Studio!!!!

Fitsteps Durham
Fitsteps Durham
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